Between May and September, all workshops are in different locations around the US. I'll be back to teaching in Los Angeles in October.

INDIGO TOUR : From Los Angeles to Vermont, May and June 2018


Graham Keegan teaches natural dye courses from the storefront in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Subjects currently include Indigo: folded and clamped resist (Shibori), printed resist pattern making with stencils (Katazome), and block printing in a range of colors using Tannins.

If you would like to explore a natural dye subject and don't see a group course listed, can't find a date that will work or you would prefer to learn privately, you can request and schedule an individually designed course through the contact form.



The Grocery Store Dyer

April 28, 2018 1:00-5:00 PM

October, 20 2018 1:00-5:00 PM

This is an introduction to the concepts of natural dyeing. This course is meant to encourage the novice dyer and provide a base of knowlege to allow for further experimentation and play at home! We will use only supplies available at your local grocery store and tools that any reasonably equipped kitchen will have.

• Learn the basic terms and concepts essential to understanding natural dye : scour, mordant, binder, dyestuff, extract, etc

• Complete three separate projects with three different dyes : black tea, avocado and turmeric

• Introduction to natural dye block printing and hand painting

• Explore pattern making with shibori fold-and-tie dyeing

• Leave the class with three finished kerchiefs of different patterns and colors

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Indigo Print Workshop : Screen Printing With Resist

1:00 - 5:30 PM

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

• Limit 8 Attendees for this Class

• Cut intricate (or bold) patterns into easy-to-cut stencil vinyl and apply to screen to control print.

• Learn and execute best practices for small scale table-top screen printing

• Learn to create an ideal medium for indigo resist graphic printing

• Dye natural fiber goods in a plant derived indigo vat

• Learn the basics of a cold water Iron Indigo vat

• All dyestuff provided

• Two 22" x 22" Cotton Bandanas Provided

• Feel free to bring your own goods to dye, but please limit the number to 2 items. They should be both small and smooth surfaced (no towels, fuzz, etc), and should be able to fit in an area about 24" square (your dedicated work space). This process takes time and care so we may not have a chance to work on your items, but you will leave with a bevy of knowledge and resources to be able to continue on your own!

• Address and directions to workshop available here.

• To reserve multiple spots, click the button below, select the experience level of the dyer (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, btw just like to have a sense of who's bringing what to the table!), then click the button again. Then proceed to checkout.

• Your place will be reserved at time of payment

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Private Intensive Natural Dye Workshop

A day-long private session with instruction on your choice of subject matter. Tailored one-on-one instruction on a specific natural dye subject, or bring up two friends or colleagues for a small group class.

Get in touch to discuss subject matter and reserve specific dates.

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Development Workshop

This is a highly focused, one-on-one development session for experienced dyers who have their own studio practice. Over a three hour block of time, we will work through all the problems of one single process. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to add the process or color to your repertoire.

This workshop is meant to empower you with the knowledge and information resources you need to take your pieces to the next level.

Instruction is entirely tailored toward developing sustainable, efficient methods for producing your natural dyed products.

Potential Subjects include :

• Exploration of a single dyestuff you're seeking experienced guidance about.

• Practical problem solving of processes and materials.

• Screen Printing, Block Printing, Stencil Printing, etc and using technology to speed some of the most labor-intensive steps of traditional hand-printing.

Get in touch to discuss subject matter and reserve specific dates.

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