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Indigo Print Rice Paste Resist


10:00 - 2:30 PM

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Saturday, February 22, 2020

In this class we’ll explore an effective method of creating graphic prints using indigo dye. With reverence to the Japanese traditional dyeing style known as Katazome, we will be creating a rice paste which we will apply onto the fabric through stencils that we cut and prepare in class.

• Limit 8 Attendees for this Class

• Sketch patterns and create stencils to print with a rice paste resist

• Dye natural fiber goods in a plant derived indigo vat

• Learn the basics of a cold water Iron Indigo vat

• All dyestuff provided

• Two 22" x 22" Cotton Bandanas Provided

• Instruction will be given on cutting stencils and creating resist paste.

• Feel free to bring your own goods to dye, but please limit the number to 2 items. They should be both small and smooth surfaced (no towels, fuzz, etc), and should be able to fit in an area about 24" square (your dedicated work space). This process takes time and care so we may not have a chance to work on your items, but you will leave with a bevy of knowledge and resources to be able to continue on your own!

• Address and directions to workshop available here.

• To reserve multiple spots, click the button below, select the experience level of the dyer (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, btw just like to have a sense of who's bringing what to the table!), then click the button again. Then proceed to checkout.

• Your place will be reserved at time of payment

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Indigo Batik Graham Keegan Stencil Class Workshop.jpg
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