August 5 - 23, 2019 at Marshfield School of Weaving

I'll be hosting five workshops over three weeks during the glorious height of summer in my home state, Vermont.

The first week is devoted to working with mordants. Two separate classes will explore options for all-over dyeing, shibori and block printing.

The second week is devoted to working with indigo. We will extract pigment from indigo plants grown in the garden of the school, learn to create our own vats and work with both shibori and rice paste resist to create graphic patterns on fabric.

The third week is an advanced session. This is only open to experienced dyers looking to work together to explore questions in natural dye. You will need to supply information regarding your dyeing experience, photos of work as well as suggestions for subjects for group study. We are planning to work through a problematic process, explore options, document outcomes and publish the results of our work.

The classes run from daily 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM with a break for lunch (pack your own, there is a farm kitchen but no served meals).

Join me for all or part of this time to take a deep dive into the world of natural dyeing (and maybe a few lakes). There are residential options available through the school as well as places to stay in and near Marshfield and Plainfield, VT. I'm so excited for this! Peruse the classes and reserve your places with the form at the bottom. The MSW is unabashedly old-school, so you'll be contacted after you submit this form and will be asked to send a check for deposit or pay by credit card. Welcome to Vermont!


Natural Dyes 101 : Introduction to Mordant Assisted Dyeing

At Marshfield School of Weaving : 334 Jake Martin Road Marshfield, Vermont 05658

Monday August 5 - Tuesday August 6, 2019

Walk the fields and identify locally abundant natural dye sources. Learn methods for extracting a range of colors from each plant that grows around us. In this course we will create blocks, mix print mediums, dye with two easy-to-identify plants common to the Northeast United States : yellow and olive from Goldenrod, Solidago canadensis, and gray and black from Staghorn Sumac, Rhus typhina. Students will leave the workshop with a stack of fabrics of different shades and prints.

Natural Dyes 102 : Layering Colors and Shift Clamp Itajime

At Marshfield School of Weaving : 334 Jake Martin Road Marshfield, Vermont 05658

Wednesday August 7 through Friday August 9, 2019

In recent years the word Shibori has become associated strongly with indigo dyed textiles, but this traditional pattern making method can be used with nearly every natural dye color! In this course, students will explore itajime (bound resist) style pattern making. The dyes can be layered on top of each other to create a beautiful array of pattern and color. No experience is necessary but a working understanding of mordant based dyeing is helpful.


Indigo 101 : Fresh Leaf Extraction and Vat Making

At Marshfield School of Weaving : 334 Jake Martin Road Marshfield, Vermont 05658

Monday August 12 & Tuesday August 13, 2019

Yes, you can grow indigo in Vermont! In fact, there are hundreds of different species of plant that contain indigo pigment. We will be working with one species, Persicaria tinctoria, grown on the premises. In this course we will learn how to gather, process and extract pigment from leaves of this plant in two different ways. Attendees will receive complimentary seeds as well as tips on growing this plant in their own garden. This course will concentrate on folding and preparing fabrics in traditional Itajime Shibori patterns using wood blocks and rope to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Students will complete scarves scarves and fabric swatches on both silk and cotton. This class appeals to those who like the excitement and surprise of creating impromptu patterns.  

Indigo 102 : Rice Paste Resist Printing and Dyeing

At Marshfield School of Weaving : 334 Jake Martin Road Marshfield, Vermont 05658

Wednesday August 14 through Friday August 16, 2019

Indigo only dyes what it can touch! In this workshop students will learn to create a resist paste from rice flour. This paste will be applied onto fabric by brush, stencil and screen. Wherever the paste is applied, the fabric will remain un-dyed while the rest of the piece absorbs color. Students will explore layering prints to create different tones of blue and will practice the challenging and subtle techniques of dipping printed pieces and maintaining the health of an indigo vat. This type of pattern making appeals and rewards those interested in graphic design, patience, control and attention to detail.


Advanced Immersive in Natural Dye

At Marshfield School of Weaving : 334 Jake Martin Road Marshfield, Vermont 05658

Monday August 19 - Friday August 23, 2019

Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the comparative qualities of dung from different species of animal? The virtues of split reed versus metal tipped pens? The difference between well, rain, stream, river and lake water? Do you own a scale accurate to the tenth (or hundredth) of a gram?

This workshop is meant to be a gathering of experienced natural dyers working together to explore a particular concept in natural dyeing. Drawing from Graham’s experience, the resources of the Marshfield School of Weaving and from the participants themselves, we hope to dive deeply into a particular subject of interest to all participants. Suggestions for a subject are still currently open. Natural dye experience is a MUST for this workshop.

Come spend a week in a very beautiful place with your people doing what you love to do.

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