Japanese Stencil Dyeing Book Cover
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Japanese Stencil Dyeing By Eisha Nakano With Barbara Stephan



This is a fully comprehensive, practical manual that explains the tools (shinshi, harite, suribachi, komon nuka, mochiko etc), planning, process and execution of katazome. I've extrapolated much of this process and found affordable, accessible tools that work well for the western home hobbyist and presented them here. This book covers the traditional execution thoroughly and in-depth. Originally written in 1982, there is very little revision necessary save some sourcing information. The descriptions of the process are essentially flawless. Definitely a good pick-up if you are interested in exploring graphic pattern making on fabric with indigo. My price may not be the best, sometimes a great value pops up on Amazon or at a thrift store, so if you're patient, I recommend shopping around!


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Japanese Stencil Dyeing Book Cover
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