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Indigo, Iron, Lime


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Contains NO INSTRUCTIONS and no additional supplies, just the three ingredients you’ll need to create an active ferrous indigo vat AKA the copperas vat. Copperas is the antiquated name for ferrous sulfate heptahydrate This is intended for dyers with experience mixing an indigo vat.

These are the exact same ingredients included in the Natural Dye Kits Indigo and Shibori Dye kit, but without all the pomp of a box, instructions and the other supplies. This is a great option if you’re just looking to get right into dyeing.

I’ve got a pretty in-depth article on my website which explains this vat style and how to use it : www.grahamkeegan.com/indigo-vat-basics

As well as some good FAQ’s here : http://www.naturaldyekits.com/natural-dye-questions-and-answers/

Includes :

• 75g of 10% natural plant indigo extract. Grown and processed in USA!

• 100g of Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate (Iron)

• 160g of Calcium Hydroxide (Slaked Lime)

In a bag. That’s it

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