Plant Dye

Madder: from seed to root to dye

Three years ago I planted a batch of Madder seeds (Rubia Tinctorum). I've been carting them around in pots, inside and outside various apartments that I've lived in, sometimes in the ground as well. They are like a tank, almost impossible to kill! All along the way, I've been dividing and trimming the roots and saving any extras. I finally had the opportunity to dye with it last week and was absolutely amazed by the color, such beautiful deep reds. Here are some shots of the little baby plants all the way through the dye process and my final pieces.

Also, if you want to grow this plant, I've got seeds and seedlings for sale!

Madder Seedlings
Mature Madder Plant
dried madder roots
powdered madder root
madder dye bath
block printed madder on the clothesline
block printed madder detail
madder seed plant root and print