Los Angeles

Free Mulch and Compost in Los Angeles

For those of you who don't already know, the city of Los Angeles processes and gives away free mulch and compost at a number of locations around the city. These can help with weed control and fertilizing your seedlings.

The mulch and compost are simply piled up and require that you bring your own bags, shovels, and whatever else you need to cart the goods away.

I've only picked up my compost from the Boyle Heights location. I'm not sure if it is distributed at all the other mulch give away sites as well.

For maps to and hours of access for the sites :

Locations and information about the mulch and composting program.

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Witches and Indigo

Ramping up for a photo shoot of my products that I've been working on and selling on etsy. I wanted to create an environment that reflects the idea of what I'm working with for concept and materials. This is going to be part of one of the sets for the shoot. I'm planning a trip out to the poppy fields in the Antelope Valley, just north of Los Angeles to take the photos.