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New Mallet

I've been reading up on calendaring indigo dyed fabrics in this great book "Imprints on Cloth : 18 years of Field Research among the Miao People of Guizhou, China." A common thread between the works of many different communities is a calendaring stage, where the fabric is pounded and smoothed with a big wooden mallet, imparting a reflective gloss. I sketched up a little mallet yesterday, modeled after the ones I saw in photographs from the book. On my walk to the coffee shop in the afternoon, I passed a downed tree branch and a table umbrella. The branch was the perfect width and the umbrella pole seemed great as a handle. So, this morning I got off the bus a couple stops early and bought a hand saw at the 99 cent store. Then, on my break this afternoon, cut the pieces of wood that I needed and put them together.

Looking forward to beating some fabric to a purple metal sheen.