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Part of a series of posts about a residency at Hlaðan in Iceland. I tried piecing together a little temple inspired by the church on the outskirts of Vogar. This was made from a thin sheet of felt that I cut and sewed.

The tiny temple was strung up between a pair of bushes on the front lawn of my little apartment. In Iceland, there are roving work crews composed of school kids, not in class for the summer. They wear bright day glow reflector vests and typically do jobs like sweeping sidewalks, weeding, planting down sod and mowing lawns. Much of the time they are chatting in packs, and innovating new ways of working while laying down on the ground.

I awoke one sunny morning to find that the the temple was scrambled back into bits of wool by the mowers and thought that it was hilarious. We all take different things seriously.