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Undir Niðri Poster : Concept to Hanging

Part of a series of posts about a residency at Hlaðan in Iceland. In designing the poster to accompany the exhibition and performance that Kristin and I put together, we took a trip to Frida Franka, an incredible antique shop in Reykjavik. There were piles and mazes of old collections, as though whole kitchens, workshops, and apothecaries were poured into a single house and piled on top of one another. I was amazed by the packaging on a set of old products, especially a letter pressed glassine package of cloves that were still rich and pungent after decades of storage. I took a set of photographs that I pulled elements from in the poster design.

We spent an afternoon in Kaffismiðan (praise their lattes!) and I drew up this poster with Kristin's help on the spelling and layout. I love the letter ð!

We were blessed to be able to work in the studio of a friend and crank out a series of silk screened posters onto sheets of old weathered newsprint.

I got such a kick out of seeing these posters up around Reykjavik, and outside the barn in Vogar. The wind had been whipping for the days leading up to the opening and swirled the grasses into beautiful patterns.


De James Pyle