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Artisanal LA

My fingernails are purple and my studio is a mess of red and blue fabric. This past week I've been up to my elbows in indigo and madder, making a set of textile pieces to showcase at Artisanal LA, a foodie/growie/eaty event that is going on in downtown LA this weekend. Tara from Silver Lake Farms and I are sharing a booth to talk about the new plants that we've been growing over the summer. She is pitching a new line of micro greens, looking for new restaurant clients, and I am talking about the dye plants and madder that we've been growing.

We made the top picks of the event that Lindsay William-Ross of the LAist put out after the media preview yesterday, alright!

If you are in LA, come visit. There are also mounds of cupcakes, pickles, tamales, seeds and great demos; yesterday, I got to see a half a big being butchered out by Lindy and Grundy, a new butcher shop that is opening soon over on Fairfax.